masterpiece NFT #1 “fairies”


I thought about what would be the best way to mint (publish) the NFT.
At first, I thought I would try something like a light doodle that I drew in my spare time, but then I came to the conclusion that it would be better to have something that more clearly recognizes the authenticity of the NFT.

So, I decided to do something that only NFT can do anyway, and this is the “masterpiece NFT of Oyari Ashito collection.

The idea was to select about 20 paintings from my 25-year career as an artist that I could consider my own masterpiece, and to mint them as a single NFT. Due to the nature of digital art, there is no single original version. However, I thought that by using NFTs as a single token, it would be possible to create a value as close to the original as possible.

The criterion for selecting a masterpiece is, of course, whether or not I like the painting, but also how I felt when I painted it and its position in my career. I would like to explain and mint them as carefully as possible. This is the way I would like NFT to be if I were to buy it myself.

Let me introduce the first NFT to be exhibited this time. #1 is the only picture I can think of.


そこで、どうせならNFTでしかやれないことをやろう、と考えたのが”masterpiece NFT of Oyari Ashito collection”になります。




masterpiece NFT #1

title: fairies
artist: Oyari Ashito(大槍葦人)

2002 first appearance.
2015 repainting.
2021 mint NFT.

edition 1/1

This painting was done in 2002, after Littlewitch was founded, while I was working on its first work, ” Shirotsume-sowa”.

It was published as a double-page spread in Dengeki-hime magazine, along with an interview announcing the production of the game, in which the establishment of the game brand Littlewitch and the production of “Shirotsume-sowa” were announced.
Since Oyari Ashito had been working on games for a consumer company until just before this, this picture symbolized a major turning point in his career, creating games for his own game company.
This painting symbolizes the beginning of Littlewitch, which will continue for the next eight years.

Light floods in through a large window, and three girls wrapped in soft white cloths and clothes are smiling at us, napping, and thinking about something.
The painting is full of motifs that Oyari Ashito often draws, and by removing most of the colors from the background, he tries to depict not the individuality of the girls, but their more archetypal beauty.
The three girls and the soft, tranquil air, as if time had stopped.

The characters in this picture are the heroines of the game, and from left to right they are named Sayu/ Emma/ Toka.
As you can see from the title of the painting, they are not human beings, but artificial life forms in the form of girls, and were set up as characters that symbolize emotion, body, and reason, respectively.
These white outfits do not appear in the game, but they perfectly match the delicate atmosphere of the story.

The retouched version was displayed at the 2015 YOTSUYA GIRLS PICTUERS EXHIBITION.







このNFTはオークション形式にて販売します。(日本時間2021/10/21 21:00-)