We have decided to sell NFTs.
(It’s a long story to explain what NFT is, so please look it up separately.

I’ve been following blockchain and crypto-asset technologies for a long time, but I’ve been wondering if I should really take NFT seriously.
However, I was not sure if I should take NFT seriously or not, because it seemed to be in a state where it was still unclear whether it would really be a viable market or not.

However, after seeing the recent rise in the market and doing a lot of research on my own, I was able to realize that this would be a viable market and decided to take the plunge. It was a step that required a lot of courage.

It was the same feeling I had when I rented an art gallery (Art Complex Center) that was used for the art market, which seemed to be out of place, and held the “Reito Oyari* Girls’ Art Exhibition” as an experiment to see if it was possible for an illustrator to hold a solo exhibition on his own responsibility and sell his paintings.
It was not just prints, but varnished canvases that I produced and sold as art-like works as possible. (

Now, more and more people are doing solo exhibitions in the same way, and I think I’ve been able to create a small foothold in the middle of the otaku industry and the art industry.

I have been taking on various challenges so far.

Creating a game company.
To publish a book of manga without relying on a publisher.
To publish and distribute my own art books without relying on publishers.
An illustrator in the otaku industry can hold a solo exhibition without relying on sponsors.

All of them have the theme, “Can an illustrator be independent without relying on big companies, authorities, and publishers?” and the NFT sale is an extension of that theme.

The NFT system, which provides royalty income for secondary sales, is very wonderful for artists. After all, there has never been such a system before.

Manga artists and novelists receive royalties (and I think those royalties are too low), but for illustrators, once they draw, deliver, and get paid, all the money belongs to the client, no matter how much value the work has created. That was the norm.

This is definitely a good thing for artists.
The technology is too new to be evaluated yet, but I believe that it will be accepted as a normal technology as more and more people participate in it.

I’ll write more about how I’m going to mint NFT in another article.