This is a page about NFT (Non-Fungible Token) generated by Oyari Ashito.

大槍葦人が発行するNFT(Non-Fungible Token)についてのページです。

Adress of Oyari Ashito

★Open sea :

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adress : 0x952b27ce6d56251151ad3c74f70e54241c562a76

About NFT & OpenSea & Foundation

The NFT uses a new networked technology, the blockchain, as an analogy, a kind of commemorative coin.

All of the issuances and transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which is a public and distributed record that cannot be tampered with. Even if the contents of the pictures, music, and other data recorded therein can be copied, the “authenticity of the issue” cannot be copied. This means that the system guarantees “authenticity” even if the data inside is exactly the same.

Specifically, the NFTs issued by Oyari Ashito are embedded with the information [0x952b27ce6d56251151ad3c74f70e54241c562a76] (Oyari Ashito’s ETH address) was created by the owner of the wallet. It is impossible to tamper with this information, so anything created from any other address is a fake, even if it looks like a token of Oyari Ashito.

OpenSea is currently the largest NFT market in the world.
Oyari Ashito’s official Open sea account can be found at the following link.

Foundation is an invite-only NFT auction site where you can find high quality works.
Oyari Ashito’s official Foundation account is below.




大槍葦人のOpen sea公式アカウントは以下のリンク先になります。


mint policy (masterpiece NFT)

All of the “masterpiece of Oyari Ashito NFT collection” published by Oyari Ashito will be sold after selecting only those works that I can say are my masterpieces and explaining them on this site.

There will be only two editions per painting, one for the “masterpiece NFT” and one for the “artist proof NFT”.

The “artist proof NFT” is kept by the artist himself. Therefore, only one “masterpiece NFT” is sold for each painting.

The image resolution of “masterpiece NFT” is 4096 pixel on the long side, which is a power of 2, the holy number of computers.

These decisions were made based on the current state of NFTs, but in the future, when more people need “less rare NFTs” and the system evolves to support them, it is possible to make a limited number of low-cost NFTs with 1024 pixels on the long side. The data volume of this image is only 6.3% of the masterpiece NFT, and it will be like a postcard printed from the original plate. In any case, we will not sell the same “masterpiece NFT” as the first issue again.

The sold NFTs can be kept by the buyer, transferred to someone else, or resold.

大槍葦人が発行する「masterpiece of Oyari Ashito NFT collection」はすべて「これは自分の代表作(マスターピース)である」と言えるものだけを選び、このサイトにて解説をした上で販売します。

版数は一つの絵に対し2つのみで、「masterpiece NFT」 と「artist proof NFT」になります。

「artist proof NFT」は製作者自身で保管するものになります。よって、基本的に一つの絵に対して販売される「masterpiece NFT」は1つだけとなります。

「masterpiece NFT」 の画像解像度はコンピューターの聖なる数字である2の累乗、長辺4096pixelとなります。

これらは現在のNFTの状況を見て決めたものですが、今後、より多くの人に「それほど希少でないNFT」が必要とされるようになり、またシステムもそれをサポートするような形で発展した場合、限定的に長辺1024pixelの廉価版NFTを作ることが有りえます。この画像のデータ量はmasterpiece NFTの6.3%でしかなく、原版とそれを印刷した絵葉書のような関係性となると思われます。いずれにしても最初に発行する「masterpiece NFT」と同等のものを再度販売することはありません。


masterpiece NFT of Oyari Ashito collection

masterpiece of Oyari Ashito NFT #1

title: fairies
artist: Oyari Ashito(大槍葦人)

2002 first appearance.
2015 repainting.
2021 mint NFT.

edition 1/1

This painting was done in 2002, after Littlewitch was founded, while I was working on its first work, ” Shirotsume-sowa”.

It was published as a double-page spread in Dengeki-hime magazine, along with an interview announcing the production of the game, in which the establishment of the game brand Littlewitch and the production of “Shirotsume-sowa” were announced.
Since Oyari Ashito had been working on games for a consumer company until just before this, this picture symbolized a major turning point in his career, creating games for his own game company.
This painting symbolizes the beginning of Littlewitch, which will continue for the next eight years.

Light floods in through a large window, and three girls wrapped in soft white cloths and clothes are smiling at us, napping, and thinking about something.
The painting is full of motifs that Oyari Ashito often draws, and by removing most of the colors from the background, he tries to depict not the individuality of the girls, but their more archetypal beauty.
The three girls and the soft, tranquil air, as if time had stopped.

The characters in this picture are the heroines of the game, and from left to right they are named Sayu/ Emma/ Toka.

As you can see from the title of the painting, they are not human beings, but artificial life forms in the form of girls, and were set up as characters that symbolize emotion, body, and reason, respectively.
These white outfits do not appear in the game, but they perfectly match the delicate atmosphere of the story.

The retouched version was displayed at the 2015 YOTSUYA GIRLS PICTUERS EXHIBITION.